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About Maintenance Programs

Honeywell focuses on delivering a cost-efficient means to maintain assets optimally and ensure high dispatch availability. Services are available for many Honeywell products, including mechanical, avionics and environmental control systems.
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Maintenance Service Plan (MSA, MPP, MSP, HAPP)

Honeywell has been providing repair and replacement programs for customers for more than four decades. The Maintenance Service Plan – Engines and Auxiliary Power Units protects operators from unexpected repair costs. You can file an MSP claim online.
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Warranty Claims (Engines & APUs)

Submit a warranty claim for Honeywell engines and auxiliary power units. Be sure to include any associated attachments.
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Warranty Claims (Other)

Submit a warranty claim for other Honeywell Aerospace products. Be sure to include any associated attachments.
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Warranty Information

Honeywell is here to help when you need repair and maintenance services. You can look up information on products that are still under warranty or learn more about our comprehensive protection programs, which help you keep your aircraft flying and manage repair and maintenance costs.