honeywell avionics interchangeable parts matrix
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Avionics Interchangeable Parts Matrix

Honeywell Aerospace Technical Publications has released an online Avionics - Interchangeable Parts Matrix of substituted parts. This matrix enables customers to identify the part number of the part ordered and match it up to the part number received. The substituted part listed in the matrix is Honeywell engineering approved and it is acceptable to be used in place of the part ordered.
honeywell PC-based avionics simulator tool
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Avionics Simulator (PC)

PC-based interactive simulation tools allow users to master our avionics equipment at their convenience anywhere, anytime.
honeywell damaged engine review
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Damaged Engine Review

Honeywell makes it easy to submit information about your aircraft engine and get the expert evaluation you need to get your engine running again. Whether you've experienced an engine incident or are restoring an engine to service, Honeywell can help.
engine repair forms for Honeywell engines
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Engine Rental Bank

Overhauling a propulsion engine or auxiliary power unit (APU) is a big job that can put an aircraft out of commission for weeks or even months. Honeywell engine rentals can help you get your aircraft back in the air by providing a loaner or rental engine or APU while yours is being repaired. Our proven rental services help you manage costs and reduce aircraft downtime.
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Technical Knowledge Center

The Technical Knowledge Center feature lets you find answers to technical questions and view your organization's reported technical issues, anytime of the day or night. Our extensive library contains questions and answers on a wide range of relevant topics.
honeywell library of technical publications
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Technical Publications

Honeywell comprehensive library of technical publications is available online. Our intuitive search engine lets you find the publications you need with the part number, publication number, ATA code or keywords. You can choose to be alerted automatically when new publications are added to the library.
honeywell technical support
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Technical Support

Honeywell is here to help solve your technical issues on our products, from engines and APUs to radar and satcom to flight deck avionics. Our Technical Knowledge Center and support engineering team offer all the tools and expertise necessary to get you back in the air quickly. Connect with us.
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Technical Training Services

Honeywell provides multiple training options to assist with the operation and maintenance of our products. Examples include computer-based avionics training and various classroom training courses, targeted at the specific needs of course participants.
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Technical Training Videos

Our extensive library of technical training videos can help you stay up-to-date on the latest tools and techniques for maintaining the Honeywell equipment on your aircraft.