honeywell aircraft personality module APM
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Aircraft Personality Module (APM)

Submit a form for Primus EPIC/APEX aircraft personality module (APM) production services.
software downloads for honeywell propulsion engines and auxiliary power units
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Engine & APU Software Downloads

Software downloads for Honeywell propulsion engines and auxiliary power units ensure that your engines are up-to-date and continue to operate trouble free. Here you'll find downloads and tips covering various models of Honeywell engines and APUs.
honeywell software and data
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Software & Data Services (ASDS)

You need the latest data and software to make sure you're getting peak performance from your Honeywell navigation and safety systems. We make it fast and easy for you to get the updates you need for your Flight Management System (FMS), Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) or Wireless Data LAN management unit (DLMU-W).
product roadmaps with latest information on Honeywell's plans
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Software Support Tools

This is a list of all available ATE software.
wingman services honeywell company bendixking
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Wingman Services

Wingman Services from Honeywell company BendixKing provides navigation data bases for BendixKing multifunction displays and global positioning systems and Skyforce Skymap IIIC.