Online Ordering

Honeywell makes it easy for you to order parts online. Whether you're looking for new parts, certified preowned parts, exchanges or rentals, you can find what you need using our all-inclusive search engine, check prices and place your order. You can also check the status of existing orders.

Order Status

With our Order Status application you can quickly check the status of your parts and repair orders. At a glance you can see a summary of all your active orders, see where they are in the fulfillment process and address any orders that are awaiting your approval.


Our Quote Status tool allows you to manage quotes that have been generated from our Online Ordering application for New parts. You can search for a particular quote or see the status of the quotes that you've requested for a complete picture of pending quote activity.

Avionics System Configurator

Honeywell has developed a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of every mission, aircraft and operator. Use our Avionics Systems Configurator to select the systems that best meets your specific requirements.

Submit a Paper PO

The Online Ordering application is the best way to place an order through Honeywell Aerospace. If you were unable to place an order through Online Ordering and want to submit a Paper PO click "Continue".

Part Lookup Tool (ECCN)

AeroPDM website is accessible only from the following web browsers: Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. The Quick Search feature can be used to lookup information for export classification such as Hardware Export Classification and Technology Export Classification numbers (i.e. ECCN’s).